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Shane Walters Staff Photo
Subjects Taught




Elementary schools: Numerous

Middle School: Glynn Middle School, Brunswick, Georgia

High School: Glynn Academy, Brunswick, Georgia, graduated 1975

Colleges:  Brunswick Jr. College, 1975-1977 - Mercer University, Macon, Georgia, graduated 1981 with a BA in Christian Education - Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky, graduated 1986 with a Masters of Divinity in Religious Eduaction - Emmanuel College, Franklin Springs, Georgia, graduated 2006 with Bachelor in Early Childhood Education

During my travels in my lifetime, I have been around many different types of cultures and people.  My years in ministry helped me prepare for teaching as I taught all age levels at different times for different reason.  Teaching has been a calling in my life since high school.  Although I am not teaching the same as I did when I was in the ministry, I am giving my all as I did in the ministry and my best.


I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii 1959.  My father was in the Air Force, so we traveled quite a bit.  I lived in Europe for three and half years while I was in elementary school.  My family finally settled down on St. Simons Island, Georgia at the end of my fourth grade year.  After graduating high school, I was called to go into the ministry.  During those years, I met my wife, Julie Lee.  Again, we moved quite a bit.  I began a full time ministry job at First Baptist Lavonia after going to seminary.  We had two children, Shay LeAnne, born 1997, and Zachary James, born 1999.  In 1998, I felt a new calling.  I went back to college and received a teaching degree.  I joined the Lavonia Elementary School team 13 years ago.   My philosophy in teaching is that children are the learners of today and the teachers of tomorrow.  As I learn, I teach and as I teach, I learn.