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Lindsey Tanner - Library Media Paraprofessional 

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Purpose of the Media Center

The media center at Lavonia Elementary School has been established to provide users with print, non-print, and digital information resources needed to promote lifelong learning and a love of reading. The collection reflects the needs and requests of our library patrons along with the consideration of literary interests and information needs. The common core standards are an integral part of our media center, so the collection will also support and be designed to reflect those standards. It is the goal of the LES media center to integrate current and emerging technologies into the curriculum so students are prepared for 21st Century information literacy skills.


The mission of the media center at Lavonia Elementary School is to provide resources to meet academic needs, to promote enthusiasm and enjoyment of reading, and to support the curriculum through literature, research, and collaboration. 

Media Center Student Hours: 7:40 - 3:20 

Media Center Teacher Hours: 7:30 - 4:00



LIBRARY CARDS. Library cards will be used by Kindergarten and 1st grade students only. Library cards need to be brought and used with every visit to the media center. Library cards will be kept in an index card organizer in each classroom. Index card organizers will be furnished to each classroom teacher. The organizers will be returned to the media specialist at the end of the school year to use for the next school year. There should not be more than 4 students at a time from one classroom to visit the library during open checkout times. Please make sure students leaving the classroom to visit the library sign out in order to track where students are in case of a fire alarm. Students in grades 2-5 will use the keypad at the checkout computer to key in their ID number to check out books.

Kindergarten students may check out ONE book per week at the beginning of the school year, so that they can become familiar with the media center and check out procedures. It will be left to the discretion of the individual teacher if and when students begin taking books home nightly.  They will select their own book, with assistance, and will be guided as they learn the check-in and check-out procedures. It will be left up to the discretion of the media specialist as to the increase of books to check out on a weekly basis depending on factors such as the student’s care of the library books and responsibility of returning books on time.

Grade 1 students may have a maximum of TWO books checked out in their name. At the beginning of the school year, students will check out books only from the FICTION sections. After a NONFICTION genre lesson, first grade students will be encouraged to choose from the Dewey section. First grade students will check out books as a whole class during their library time until after Christmas break. At that point, they will begin independent visits to check out books. Students need to be accompanied by an adult, at least until after Christmas.

Grade 2-5 students may have a maximum of TWO books checked out in their name. Non-fiction checkout may begin for 2nd grade students AFTER a Dewey lesson with the media specialist.  Students are not to re-shelve the Dewey books or the Fiction chapter books unless they are series books, which the students can find easily in the series aisle or on book browsers. These are to be placed by the students in the book slot located at the circulation desk. Students need to be encouraged to vary the selection of books that they read (fiction, non-fiction, genres, chapter, etc.) Students will be encouraged to read more of the nonfiction genre to help in meeting the CCGPS.


Lost or Damaged Library Books

Students are fined only when library books are lost or damaged. Fines are not accrued for late returns. The purchase price plus a $1.00 processing fee is charged if a book is damaged beyond repair or is lost.  Paperback books are assessed at $5.00 each. Students who have lost/damaged books will not be able to check out another book until that one is returned or a replacement payment is made.  Receipts are given for payment. If a book that was supposedly lost reappears, the student will be allowed to keep the book, if the fee has already been paid. Multiple attempts, which include a letter sent home, phone call, or email notice, will be made to retain the replacement cost of a lost/damaged book. Fifth grade students who have books still checked out at the end of the school year will have report cards held until the books are returned or fines have been paid. All other students who have books still checked out at the end of the school year and do not return them before the summer break will continue to have them on their library account and will not be able to check out books at the beginning of the new school year until the books are returned. Attempts will be made to collect all overdue library books before the end of the school year.



 Page updated September, 2018